Week 3 Annotated Bibliography

Kozma, R. B. (1994). Will Media Influence Learning? Reframing the Debate

Kozma presents an argument against Clark that media can influence learning. This article is in direct contrast to the Clark article from a decade before. In this article Kozma speaks about the many advances in media since Clark wrote his article which stated that media cannot influence learning. Kozma while understanding that at the time this article was written, that the media had not gotten to a place that there would be a huge impact on learning, that the evolution of media was certainly getting to that place. Kozma does concede that the purpose of his article is to provide an ear worm to the field of education technology, not necessary to provide a concrete opinion of the current capabilities of media to influence learning.

The main strength of this article is presenting what could be in the field of educational technology. Kozma does not try to perpetuate that at the time that education was at a point where media could be influential on education. The article could have tried to delve into how media was currently influential on education. A lot of the articles in the field of education is based on theory, a bit of current theory would have brought home this article a little more.

Kozma, Robert B. “Will Media Influence Learning? Reframing the Debate .” (1994).

This article was applicable to my evolving research interest because I am interested in how much influence media can and does have on education. I am currently a technical trainer, my position coupled with this week’s articles have opened up new trains of thoughts about what are the effects of technology and/or media on learning and education. I have started to look at my own job through a different lens where the technology I am using is not just an ancillary tool, but could possibly be something that has a bigger impact on me as an instructor and my students.


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