Week 4 Annotated Bibliography


Kemp, A., Preston, J., Page, C. S., Harper, R., Dillard, B., Flynn, J., & Yamaguchi, M. (2014). Technology and Teaching: A Conversation among Faculty Regarding the Pros and Cons of Technology . The Qualitative Report , 1-23.

This article not only researches the pros and cons of technology on learning, but the article also introduces a new method of qualitative research. The article is interested in having an interactive method of research rather than having the researcher just observe and then take the finding and create data from those findings. In this article the teachers themselves serve as the researchers through their conversations regarding technology. The article showcases the issue facing technology in learning, but uses this interactive qualitative method to showcase the results. The conclusion of the article is presenting further questions that should be answered.

The articles strength lies in the presentation of the data. Instead of bombarding the reader with numbers, and charts, the authors instead present the data in paragraphs that are easy to read and digest. The data doesn’t even feel like data, the conversations among the teachers are interesting and easy to follow. The reader may find themselves agreeing or disagreeing with the teachers, but they are engaged with the information being presented.

Kemp, Andrew, et al. “Technology and Teaching: A Conversation among Faculty Regarding the Pros and Cons of Technology .” The Qualitative Report (2014): 1-23.

This article was chosen due to the weeks reading. Qualitative research became a forerunner in the area of what type of research is most interesting. The aspect of observing people in their natural habitat and using that as the data is exciting, but seeing this article and knowing that there are other types of qualitative research methods is even more exciting and interesting.  Having a conversation on a topic and letting whatever comes out of that conversation be the data seems to be a much more genuine and interactive method to use. Quantitative research was used for the thesis and thus there is a inclination to move away from that type of research method.




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