Week 6 Annotated Bibliography- 2

Torres-Díaz, J. j., Duart, J. j., Gómez-Alvarado, H. h., Marín-Gutiérrez, I. i., & Segarra-Faggioni, V. v. (2016). Internet Use and Academic Success in University Students. Comunicar, 24(48), 61-69.

This article looks at the impact of the internet on success of students in a university setting. Within the article the impact of internet is broken down by subject and the idea that science subjects are improved by internet usage but not math is presented. There was no correlation between an improvement in math skills and internet usage, but there was a positive affect on students when using the computer to solve math problems. This article had two hypothesis which were, “…..the use of technology for both academic and entertainment purposes had a positive effect on academic achievement.”

The methods used were questionnaires based on previous studies. Within the questionnaire a variable was used to differentiate between internet usage for entertainment and internet usage for academic purposes. The variable that was used was a difference in questions on the questionnaire that was more focused for either subject. The authors found that the use of internet on academic success was negligible but that the interaction with online resources did provide additional help in success rather than students who just used the internet for search purposes.

Torres-Díaz, Juan-Carlos1, jctorres@utpl.edu.ec, et al. “Internet Use And Academic Success In University Students.” Comunicar24.48 (2016): 61-69. Education Full Text (H.W. Wilson). Web. 9 Oct. 2016.

This article was chosen because digital learning and it’s overall affect on success is an emerging research topic. As the weeks go on I am honing in on exactly what type of research I want to focus on and articles that are in regards to online learning and methods that allow for students success becomes more interesting with each passing week. This article was interesting in that it found that it wasn’t necessarily the use of the internet that helped with success but the way in which the internet was used. That was food for thought.


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