Week 7 Annotated Bibliography

Borko, H., Liston, D., & Whitcomb, J. (2009). Wicked Problems and Other Thoughts on Issues of Technology and Teacher Learning. Journal of Teacher Education, 3-7.

This article lays out a case of how technology in education has progressed in recent years. The article isn’t just about technology and how to use it for students, but how it can best help an instructor to teach. Also a section is dedicated to TPACK and how the gap must be bridged between being technology illiterate and technology literate for the instructor. The authors do make a good point that just developing and implementing tools aren’t the end of the conversation nor the research. Actually looking at the effectiveness of the technology on learning is an important part and should be the focus of ongoing research.

The article isn’t very long but with the pages the authors put forth a lot of information that leaves the reader both satisfied and curious, wanting to do more exploration of the topic. The authors have organized the article very well. This article isn’t so much as presenting a study, but presenting what previous studies have produced and what further studies need to be completed.

Borko, Hilda, Daniel Liston and Jennie Whitcomb. “Wicked Problems and Other Thoughts on Issues of Technology and Teacher Learning.” Journal of Teacher Education (2009): 3-7.

I found this article interesting because not only am I looking at things academically when I read these articles, but also professionally. I want to find ways and understanding about the technology I use in my job and make sure that I not only understand it, but that it’s necessary and having the desired effect. Academically I want to study not only technology in the adult learner but how to know if the technology is actually doing what should be done for the learner.


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