Week 10 Annotated Bibliography


DeSchryver, M. (2015). Web- Mediated Knowledge Synthesis for Educators. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 388-396.

The author presents a set of steps to take for web based reading and learning. The author recognizes that the new literacies specifically digital literacies require a new way of being able to understand the material. The author breaks down the techniques that can be employed to help with synthesize of digital material. As with many web based ventures, the author recognizes that using effective search terms and methods help in understanding the materials.

The author’s use of guiding headers help the reader to understand what is to come. The use of bulleted list to convey big ideas is helpful and makes it easier to synthesize what is being presented. The author does refer to studies that helped shape this article, but those statistics aren’t included as this was not the purpose of this article. It is helpful for further research to have those article referenced.  The most effective presentation is the “Take Action” list. While the article itself give an in depth look at each of the take action items, it is helpful as the reader to have the quick access guide

DeSchryver, Michael. “Web- Mediated Knowledge Synthesis for Educators.” Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (2015): 388-396.

This article was interesting to me because it’s geared towards educators and not students. That’s helpful in my quest to become a better instructor and although I instruct adults I think that I can still apply what’s learned in this article to my adult students. Also for my research interests, being able to back up what I think about educational technology and how it affects learners, with a helpful guide such as this is both necessary to the research and helpful to students and instructors alike.


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