Week 14 Annotated Bibliography

Meluso , A., Zheng, M., Hiller , A., & Spires, J. (2012). Enhancing 5th graders’ science content knowledge and self-efficacy through game-based learning. Computers & Education, 497-504.

This article strives to study the effectiveness of game based learning on both content understanding and self-efficacy. The authors not only are looking to show that game based learning can improve a students understanding of content, but also that students with low self-efficacy can improve through game based learning. The article points out that studies have shown that students with higher self-efficacy tend to be more successful in not only academic pursuits but professional pursuits as well.

The study is presented with students participating in Crystal Island gbl in both independent pursuits and collaborative pursuits. The authors state before the study that collaborative pursuits with other students have show to increase learning gains as well as with in game avatars. The students played the game after they’d been given some information regarding the lesson. The study found that there was no significant changes between the independent learning and collaborative learning, but did concede this may have been due to the instruction given for the collaborative learning group.

Angela Meluso, Meixun Zheng, Hiller A. Spires, James Lester. “Enhancing 5th graders’ science content knowledge and self-efficacy through game-based learning .” Computers & Education (2012): 497-504.

Although this study focused on K-5 I find that it may be of help to me in both my research and professional pursuits. While my research interests are focused on adult learners, I do think that some lessons learned in this article can be applied. Whether adults to better in independent or collaborative settings I tend to lean that the results would be reversed and independent learning would prevail, but I do find interest in how effective game based learning is and this is in connection with both my research interest and my professional goals and interests.


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