Let’s Talk Prezi

A fellow classmate wrote a blog about Prezi and it sparked an interest in me. For a living a develop and deliver training. Specifically I develop training for Workday and internal consulting Methodology for the firm I work for. Sounds exciting, I know you can barely contain yourself. About a month ago I was developing training, and I just became irritated because frankly I’m sick of Power Point. It’s not Power Point’s fault, I just want to do something more dynamic and interesting.

I was reading the blogs and Tiffany talked about Prezi and I became intrigued. I started to research it and also spoke with my manager and she was also interested in it. So here I am a month later developing a training in Prezi. While it’s not going to be the end of my search for dynamic presentation and training I do find it more interesting than just your standard slides.

The nature of Workday works well with Prezi because in the Workday application, many concepts link together and to really grasp how to use those concepts the consultants needs to be able to call back to other areas. Where Prezi is superior to other presentation applications is the use of layering. It’s not a linear program, if you don’t want it to be. There are layers that can be peeled away like an onion, and like said onion you can also put those layers back together. I’m thinking onions because I had an annoying experience with one recently-who would ever think an onion can be tasteless- but I digress.

Right now my use of Prezi is in it’s preliminary stages and honestly I don’t know if the big bosses will even like it.  At my company we still live in a Power Point world, even though Workday is a cutting edge cloud application. One thing I do worry about with Prezi, is because of the newness of it to my audience, and the way that the slides move, will my students be distracted? The training that I run are very important to their success at the company, and I don’t want to cause them any distractions from the importance of the material. As it is I will build a backup training in Power Point just in case Prezi proves to be too much for the unwashed masses.



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